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Our top notch crew members are fully qualified to guide you on your flight training journey.
From beginners to advanced training, we are ready to teach.

Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.

At The Brantford Flight Centre, our fleet is tested and upgraded constantly to ensure top safety precautions for your flight.


Introducing our friendly, highly qualified flight staff. When you begin your flight training you'll be paired with an instructor who will be your guide and source of information for the duration of your training.


Welcome to the Fleet 

Our flight training unit is proud to serve you with two Cessna 152's, two 160HP 172's, a 180HP 172, a 160HP fuel injected 172 and a 172RG.

Our aircraft are used for a variety of applications. From flight training to pipeline patrols, photography flights to family excursions, our planes are fully equiped take you where you want to go.​

Our newest addition 

We are pleased to welcome C-GBGZ to our fleet!

"BUGZ" is an N model, keeping it consistent with our well known GBSL.


Aircraft | Type | Equipment | Gross Weight | Empty Weight | C of G | Empty Moment | Useful Load

C-GYJL    C152      OV/C              1670                1,158           29.73          34,389            511.7

C-GZJF    C152      OVF/C            1670                1,163           29.81          34,538            506.7

C-GBSL    C172 N    SFG/C           2400                1,471           38.85          56,793            928.6
C-GILN    C172 R     SFG/C           2450                1,652           39.74          64,754            797.8
C-GINS    C172 P     SFD/C           2550                1,545           38.83          59,921          1,005.4
C-GOFD  C172RG    SFG/C          2650                1,699           37.96          64,508            950.9


Last updated: Mar/19                                           *Always check in the flight office for most current aircraft information

Aircraft Information
Katherine Summers
  • Chief Flight Instructor

  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class II Instructor

  • Single Engine Charter Pilot

  • Multi IFR Rated

Bob Michalchuck
  • Chief Pilot

  • Pilot Examiner

  • ATPL Licenced

  • Class I Instructor

  • Single Engine Charter Pilot

  • Multi IFR Rated

George Patton
  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class III Instructor

  • Multi IFR Rated

Dennis Mallon
  • Airline Transport Pilot- Retired

  • Class II Instructor

  • Multi IFR Rated

David Whitwell
  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class IV Instructor

  • Single Engine Charter Pilot

  • Multi IFR Rated

Luke Wilson
  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class III Instructor

  • Single Engine Charter Pilot

  • Multi IFR Rated

Norman Reintamm
  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class IV Instructor

Jesse Mitchell
  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class IV Instructor

Alan Plater
  • Commercially Licenced

  • Class IV Instructor


Terminal Building/Clubhouse

110 Aviation Ave. Brantford, ON

N3T 5L7, Canada



  • 8am-5pm

  • Dec 24-26 CLOSED

  • Year round after hours call out available

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