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Aircraft Maintenance & Ground Services

The Brantford Flight Centre operates a Transport Canada approved shop (AMO 153-92) and offer the following services 


Maintenance services – effective Feb 1, 2020
tasks, repairs and modifications - hourly shop rate    $90 ($80 for members)
100 hourl inspection                                                    Flat rates available - contact PRM
Oil change
- includes oil filter analysis                                             $275 (single) $325 (twin)*
Oil sampling
(per engine)                                                                 $45
Corrosion treatment                                                                         $475 (single or twin)
Fall close up
– includes minimum of battery removal                       $200 and up – contact PRM
and service, cleaning, install protective covers (if available)
Spring tune up – includes minimum of battery installation,              $200 and up – contact PRM
tire pressures checked, light check, nest inspection, cleaning,
remove covers (if installed), engine ground run
AD search                                                                                         Shop rate
Nitrogen/ Air tire fill up                                                                      $25
Wash and vacuum                                                                            $250 (single), $400 (twin)
Wash and vacuum - plus wax                                                           $350 (single), $600 (twin)
Battery boost                                                                                    $25
Aircraft pre-heat                                                                                $50 ($40 for members)

Contact: Steve Hume, Maintenance Manager
519-753-2521 or