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2.1.1 Possess at the time of registration a Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by a Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner

2.1.2 Be at least 17 years of age as of the date of enrollment.

2.1.3 Have a minimum of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, with U,C or U/C English and Mathematics.

2.1.4 Successfully complete the Transport Canada Aviation English Language proficiency Test.  Note:  All instruction at the Brantford Aviation College is conducted in English.

2.1.5 No Criminal convictions that would preclude a student from holding an airport security clearance.  Note:  While not a Brantford Aviation college entrance requirement, many aviation organizations also require drug and alcohol testing of their employees.

2.1.6 Undergo a comprehensive Interview, which includes

  • Assessment of communication skills, both written and oral

  • Evidence/history of punctuality and regular attendance

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Evidence of perseverant experiences e.g. able to problem solve, persevere through adversity, see project / situation to conclusion

  • Ability to manage stress and pursue healthy lifestyles

  • General deportment and dress


The aim of the Brantford Aviation College (Flight) Program is for enrolled students to graduate with a Single Engine Commercial Pilot Licence endorsed with a Group 3 Instrument Rating.  The flying will be in accordance with the CAR’s with respect to the CPL (A) IR Integrated course, and with the Brantford Aviation College Flight Training Operations Manual.

Graduates, as well as candidates enrolled in the program, are expected to exhibit a high degree of professionalism.  They are expected to assume and carry out their responsibilities whether under direct supervision or not.  They will always be prepared for any class or lesson plan, and be able to quickly adapt to and carry out any other unplanned task or objective.

All training in the Brantford Aviation College Program will be carried out in accordance with the Flight Training Operations Manual, this Training Manual and the Standard Operating Procedures.

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In order to maintain standing in the CPL(A)IR program, students must meet the following requirements.

  1. Complete all elements of the program within 14 months of course commencement.

  2. Achieve a passing standard on all academic exams and flight tests on the first attempt.  In extenuating circumstances candidates may be granted a second attempt at the discretion of the CFI..

  3. Maintain an acceptable attendance record:  perfect attendance is required, however, extenuating circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the CFI.

  4. Maintain appropriate professional conduct and dress.

  5. Complete required responsibilities as directed and in a timely manner

  6. Payment of program fees as prescribed


2.2.1 The training course for students who possess a private Pilot Licence differs slightly from the Ab Initio program and consists of at least 54 hours of dual and solo training in order to ensure candidates meet the standards of the Private pilot Licence.

A maximum of 30 hours of previous flight training may be credited towards course flight time requirements, of which 20 hours may be dual flight time.

2.2.2 Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) holders are Ab Initio students, but may be credited with 15 hours of flight time and depending on demonstrated skill level may have individual lessons omitted at the discretion of the instructor and CFI.

2.2.3 Documentation

  1. Candidates must present all documents pertaining to program Entry Requirements to the CFI before being accepted into the program

  2. Upon commencement of the program students will be issued with a Certificate of Enrolment that meets the Transport Canada personnel licensing standards.

  3. Upon successful completion of the program, each trainee will be issued a Certificate of Completion that meets the Transport Canada personnel licensing standards.

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