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Flight Suggestions:


Popular Destinations:                   Flight Time:                     Cost:

Brantford and Area                        30 Minutes                   $152.55

Long Point & Lake Erie                  60 Minutes                   $305.10

Niagara Falls                                 90 Minutes                    $457.65

Downtown Toronto                        90 Minutes                    $457.65

These are suggestions, but don't let them hinder you. We will customize your

flight to where you want to go.

All prices are approximate. Final cost is dependent on engine running time, billed

at the 1/10 of an hour. HST is included. Prices are subject to change

To book a sightseeing flight - You can come in any time, or call (519) 753-2521.

Introductory Flight:

  • 30 minute flight around the Brantford, Burford, Paris area

  • See your house from the air!

  • Bring your camera!

  • A chance to fly the aircraft!

  • An excellent way to begin flying lessons!

  • The perfect Birthday, Anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas present!

  • Take 2 friends with you at no additional cost!

  • Only $152.55 HST inc.


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